Products to Improve Your Life

It’s hard to believe that a quaint, little shop dedicated to gifting those in their golden years would have as its best seller a walking cane adorned with a shiny, stainless steel skull for a handgrip.

“I have a little bit of a problem getting them across the border sometimes, because customs might think I’m smuggling drugs or something,” says Sandra Warren, owner of Gifts for Gran about the item she imports regularly from Florida.

Fortunately for Sandra, that anecdotal experience has been the only downside to stocking her store, which is a remarkable new way to reach a specific demographic.

“What’s interesting is that I don’t market to seniors,” says Sandra. “I market to their adult children. That’s people who are buying for their grandparents, because people find that to be challenging. If it’s grandmother’s birthday, what do you get her? She’ll say that she has everything. But that’s often not the case. There are a lot of products out there that are new, improved and can make your life a lot easier.